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American Family Funds Down Payment Gift Program
Homebuyer Education and Default Prevention Handbook

Chapter1: Why own a home?
Chapter 2: Can I buy a home?
Chapter 3: What Is a Mortgage?
Chapter 4: How Do I Qualify For a Mortgage?
Chapter 5: How much can I afford to spend?
Chapter 6: How much money will I need?
Chapter 7: Now that I have decided to buy a home, what do I do?
    1. Review your credit
    2. Make a Budget
    3. Organize Your Documents  
    4. Find a Mortgage Provider
    5. Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage
    6. Fixed Rate Mortgages
    7. Look for a House
    8. Make an Offer
    9. Get a Ratified Sales Contract  
    10. Apply For a Mortgage
    11. Close
Chapter 8: Now that I own my home, what do I need to do to prevent foreclosure?
Chapter 9: Steps to take when you may not be able to pay your mortgage
    Contact Your Lender
    Talk To A Housing Counseling Agency
    Prioritize Your Debts
    Explore Loan Workout Solutions
    Beware of Predatory Lending Schemes
    Preserve Your Good Credit
Chapter 10: Glossary of Mortgage Terms

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