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Metro Ministries

Casting a Lifeline to the Inner-city

Metro Ministries of Mobile, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1989.  Their mission is to find and rescue the children left behind in the battleground of drugs, violence, abuse, and filth.  

Every Thursday, Metro Ministry ministers to 50-75 inner-city children in Mobile.  The numbers grow to almost 200 during the holidays.  The ministry provides transportation to and from the service.

In addition, Metro Ministries hosts the PRAISE Team, a youth choir that performs each week at the service.  With practice held twice a week, the children involved are provided a safe haven three afternoons a week.

The Dove Foundation aids the Metro Ministries with manpower and financial support 

Metro Ministries

Bill and Cheryl Gray
P.O. Box 317
Mobile, AL 36601
Phone: 251-433-4343
Fax: 251-433-4342