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The Wings of Life

"Restoring Damaged Lives"

The Wings of Life also directed by Chris Patrick is a non-profit Christian based 90-day inpatient recovery and rehabilitation program that precedes Dove's 1-year residential program. The Wings of Life houses up to 70 male and female residents and provides a program that consists of three Bible studies a day and a revival service every night. Approximately 85% of the residents are financially unable to pay for the program. A Christ centered 12-Step program is also taught every Wednesdays. Additional counseling is available to the residents and their families.

Wings of Life, helping to save souls!

Board of Directors

Glen Alexander                     Oasis of Life Church, Pastor
Alan Gustan                          Coastal Builders, Vice President
Terry Mathews                     Eric Construction, Owner
Chris Patrick                          Wings of Life- Director
Greg Smith                             Roto-Rooter, SIS Ind., Owner
Mike White                           White Dental Lab, Owner

Advisory Board
Danny Cowart                      Aaron Oil Company
Julius Haston                        Walls of Salvation, Pastor
Wesley James                       Franklin Street Baptist Church, Pastor
Sam Page                               Prudential Cooper Company
Judge Herman Thomas       Mobile County Circuit Court

To be a successful "Safety net to reach the hurting people- the homeless, the addicted, and the incarcerated" (Chris Patrick), the Wings of Life program and the Dove Foundation have policies which make them different from other treatment programs:

1. No smoking-
Almost 85% of people in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction are also smokers, compared with 25% of the general public. Statistics show that a person has a higher likelihood of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction if they also quit smoking. The Dove Foundation and the Wings of Life are two of very few programs that require that patients quit smoking as part of the treatment process.

 2. Visitation Policy-
The residents are allowed to have visitors every day. In addition, their family and friends are encouraged to join them in 12-step recovery meetings.

3. Welcomes Married Couples-
Very few programs in the United States allow husbands and wives to simultaneously participate in the same treatment program. However, the Dove Foundation and the Wings of Life believe that most husbands and wives do better by receiving treatment and working on their marriage in unison.

4. Transition Program-
When a resident graduates after from the 90-day Wings of Life Program, they are able to enter a transition program. Here, Dove actively helps the resident find a job, continues to provide housing, and provides transportation to and from the job in an effort to help the individuals become self-sufficient and able to acquire their own housing.

With a success rate more than 50%*, the Wings of Life and the Dove Foundation has helped many people to go on to live a successful drug and alcohol free life and has played a major role in the restoration of family and marriages.

 * More than 50% of participates that complete the program are still free from addiction 1 year later.

 In addition; the Wings of Life program offers services in other areas, such as:

         Feeding the homeless (Wings of Life and the Dove Foundation, serve over 90,000 meals out of their kitchen every year)!

        Working with the court system to allow alcoholics and drug addicts to complete the Wings of Life recovery program in lieu of jail time.

        Working with and supporting the Metro jail chaplain through the M.A.I.C.

        Working with local churches and pastors

        Holding 104 ministry services per year at the Strickland Youth Center

        Supporting the Metro Ministries

        Supporting Discovery Family Ministries